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W e don't just do house cleaning! Click on the following links to find out more about the many exciting services!
Pre Party Clean Post Party Cleaning Spring Clean House moving clean
Impress your friends and colleagues with our pre-party cleaning service. Let heartcleaning clean up your home the morning after with our post-party cleaning service. Why not have a one-off spring clean of your home from heartcleaning? Moving in (or out) of your home? Let heartcleaning help with our moving in/out cleaning service.
If you require a service for your business such as an end of tenancy clean of your property, please click here.

Pre Party Cleaning Service

Whether for business or private entertainment, there is so much to do before a party. Decide and buy the food, prepare it, chill the wine, get yourself ready – but what about the house? heartCleaners can take this weight off your mind! Just call us in and we will get your house as clean as a pin to impress your visitors (and more importantly - you).
Let heartCleaners allow you to open the door refreshed and ready to entertain, not exhausted from a hard days cleaning!
Our Party Cleaning Service is available to you for £15 an hour per person weekdays and £18 an hour per person on weekends.

Pre Party Clean

Post Party Cleaning Service

Your party has finished and it was a great success, you close the door on your last guest and then realise the mess that your house is now in. Don’t worry, go to bed happy in the knowledge at the pre-arranged time in the morning (you may not want us there too early!) heartCleaners will be at your door ready to tackle the task ahead.
This is a great service that is designed to just help you out. Within a few hours your home will be back to its immaculate self again!
Our Post Party Cleaning Service is available to you for £15 an hour per person weekdays and £18 an hour per person on weekends. (Book the Pre and Post Party Cleaning Package together to get a 10% discount!)

Spring Clean

You may not want a regular cleaning service but why not treat yourself to a heartCleaning spring clean!
We can come into your home and offer the same service as we do to our regular customers as a one off, bringing your home up to a gleaming finish! Making it easier for you to keep clean!
Just call us and we will be happy to pop round and discuss your requirements and advise you how long we think we will need. Our Home cleaning services is available to you for just £15 an hour.
Oh and you don't have to have this service in the spring - it's available all year round!
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Moving In/out

One of the most onerous tasks when you move house is cleaning up the old place for the new residents and then, when you get into your new house, having to get it up to your standards of cleanliness. All this and moving boxes and furniture around.
Fear not! heartCleaning can make this task disappear like magic! Just call us and arrange the time you want and we will come over and help - leaving you with time to actually work out where everything is going to go!
Remember, moving house is recognised as one of the most stressful events in life, yet for just £14 per person per hour heartCleaning can take away that stress leaving you the time to concentrate on other things.
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